Q: I cannot present during the presentation day, will my paper be published?
A : Since the conference applies NO-show policy, at least one author should present on behalf of other authors in one paper. Otherwise, the paper will be excluded in any publications in ISICO

Q: There is no flight from my country to Bali, can I just submit my paper and do not present?
A : Unfortunately not, since at least one author should go for presentation, then why don’t you collaborate with local Indonesian researcher. He/she may present on behalf you. Off course you need to add him/her as one of the authors

Q: I have yet received my paper acceptance status, but I want to get early bird price. Can I register earlier?
A: Registration process will be available after all paper statuses are released. Therefore, this situation will be impossible in ISICO. To this point, we provide an enough time span for registration process, so that an author can register for early bird conveniently.